Thursday, August 16, 2007

Wall Street Journal Smears Marty Lipton in the Name of Hedge Fund Lackey

With its tendency to tiptoe the line between good and bad taste, we at the Poison Pill have always taken The Wall Street Journal and its tabloid style of reporting with a grain of salt. Just when you though they couldn’t sink any lower, The Journal and its hack editorial staff have found a way to even outdo themselves. In our opinion, The Journal’s latest half baked attempt at journalism is not only in poor taste, it is downright defamatory. If nothing else, The Journal’s sleazy reporting suggests that that it appeals to the most prurient of interests.

According to a recent Journal article, Paul Roth of the law firm Schulte Roth and Zabel, is now being referred to as the “Marty Lipton of the hedge fund industry.” In case you weren’t paying attention, The Journal has the chutzpah to compare Paul Roth to the great Marty Lipton. Yes, we know, it’s completely and utterly appalling that Paul Roth’s name would be mentioned in the same sentence as Marty Lipton let alone compared to the harrowed corporate attorney. Don't take our word for it though. Here's the link:

While we prefer to avoid wasting out time by pointing out the obvious, take note WSJ, and let us teach you a thing or two about the man the Mexican people refer to as El Caballero; Senor Marty Lipton.

Lipton v. Roth

1. Last time I checked, it was Marty Lipton, not Paul Roth who invented the poison pill! How many ingenious takeover defense mechanisms has Paul Roth invented? Lipton 1: Roth 0

2. Rumor has it that Roth has a clammy handshake. Lipton 2: Roth 0

3. We hear that Marty Lipton is an accomplished ballroom dancer and has taken an interest in Salsa dancing. Paul Roth can do the “mashed potato.” Lipton 3: Roth 0

4. Some say that in 1989, Lipton swept Joe Flom in a best out of seven Tecmo Bowl tournament. Get this, Flom’s team was the unbeatable Niners while Lipton used the mediocre Tama Bay Bucs. I didn’t even know that Tampa Bay was a city. Lipton 4: Roth 0

5. Roth represents hedge funds, the dreck of the financial community. They are one notch above a Costa Rican online sports book. What’s the collection rate on your receivables Mr. Roth? Are your clients paying you with comps to the buffet? Lipton 5: Roth 0

6. Marty Lipton could be a pro Frisbee golfer. 6: Roth 0

7. According to one hedge fund manager, Roth’s office smells like a combination of moth balls and lunch meat (Mortadella!). Lipton 7: Roth 0

8. Marty Lipton has a dynamite German potato salad recipe (more on this later).

Final Score: Lipton 8: Roth 0


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