Thursday, August 23, 2007


Since the launch of The Poison Pill, we’ve been getting quite a few questions from you, our loyal readers. If nothing else, this website has confirmed that we are not the only Marty Lipton devotees out there. While we value all your opinions and questions, unfortunately we can’t get to everyone. But if you keep asking, we’ll keep writing. Thanks.

Q: Is it true that there is a competing Joe Flom blog out there?

Pacoima, CA

A: We’re not sure Bill. It seems unlikely though. Who would actually be interested in Joe Flom? What could the blog’s author possibly write about? Its not as if Joe Flom invented the poison pill. If it does exist, it probably won’t be around for too much longer.

Q: My daughter was bitten by a vicious pitbull. Does Marty Lipton handle dog bite cases?

Toledo, Ohio

A: Great question Lynne. Though we hear that WLRK has a terrific negligence department, Marty is a corporate attorney. Herb Wachtell on the other hand is a stupendous litigator. Maybe he will take the case.

Q: I am an insurance adjustor for a regional insurance company that underwrites grocery stores, chain restaurants, and strip clubs on Long Island. We like to pay between $125 and $175 an hour to the firms on our panel. Does Marty Lipton charge similar rates?

Garden City, NY

A: Glenn, Marty may be a little out of your price range. Keep in mind that he is a corporate attorney. Herb Wachtell, however, may be able to help you. Herb, I think this is your lucky day!

Q: I am 1st Year law student at Pace University and am thinking of submitting my resume to WLRK. To be honest with you, I’m not sure it is the place for me. What sort of perks do they offer?

White Plains, NY

A: In 1988, they converted the law library into a game room. It’s totally rad! In fact, they recently purchased a Galalga arcade game. Sweet! That’s not all. According to The Vault, they have a frozen yogurt machine. It's unclear, however, whether its attonreys have to pay for the frozen yogurt.

Q: Did Marty Lipton invent anything other than the poison pill?

Buffalo Grove, Ill.

A: He invented casual weekends. This means that you can wear kakis and a polo shirt into the office on Saturday and Sunday.

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