Monday, August 6, 2007

He Invented It!!

If Marty Lipton were hanging out at Ving Rhames' house, he wouldn't get mauled and killed like Ving Rhames' gardener did the other day. Quite the contrary, he'd have those mastiff's sitting gracefully at his feet, sipping milk from small, yellow porcelain saucers. Marty Lipton commands that kind of respect, from humans and animals alike (except, perhaps, crustaceons, who are rumoured to prefer Lipton's partner, Herb Wachtell, to Lipton himself). After all, Lipton is not just a lawyer, but an inventor too (the poison pill, circa 1982).


Matthew said...

A cease-and-desist letter is a letter demanding that the recipient refrain from a certain behavior or else face legal action. Some types of behaviors that may prompt such letters include:

-Stalking or other forms of harassment
-Property, neighborhood, and boundary disputes
-Copyright infringement or trademark infringement
-Libel or slander

Anonymous said...

...but did he patent it?

Anonymous said...

Any work on the piano key necktie?


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