Friday, September 14, 2007

L'Shana Tovah, Marty Lipton

It is said that Marty Lipton, Herb Wachtell, and Co. started their little M&A/Slip and Fall defense firm because the big firms of the day wouldn't hire Jews. All disbelief aside that it was ever difficult for a Jewish lawyer to make it out there, we have always liked this story, because it shows once again how Jews can perservere and overcome in the face of adversity. There's no question about it, Marty Lipton, like all of his Jewish bretheren (the writers of this blog included), is a fighter--and whether it be religious persecution or takeover artists funding LBO attempts with unlimited Texas oil monies, he will never surrender until his work is done, which it never is.

With that, we would like to wish our hero/savior Marty Lipon a happy and healthy Rosh Hashanah--good Yom Tov and L'Shana Tova. We would pray that he be "inscribed in the book of life," but since we believe Marty to be superhuman and invincible, such prayer would essentially be pointless.

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