Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Marty Lats

According to our spies, famed corporate law wonk, Marty Lipton, has a new workout buddy: Matthew McConaughy! That’s right, Matthew McConaughy is taking fitness tips from none other than M&I heavy, Marty Lipton.

Word around the campfire is that the two met when McConaughy spotted Lipton working on his lats with a medicine ball. McConaughy was apparently impressed with Lipton’s spectacular washboard abs and bronzed pecs. McConaughy approached the shirtless (and chiseled) Lipton at the smoothie bar where the two discussed Lipton’s favorite Yoga moves over a protein energy shake.

The two were later spotted jogging shirtless through New York’s central park, part of Lipton’s daily cardio binge. That’s not all! According to one insider, Lipton and McConaughy hit up New York hot spot Marquee enjoying European bottle service with Lipton’s entourage. Did we mention they were shirtless!

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